‘Polyester’ is the first taste of 3NDLES5’s expansive, ubiquitous, machine-driven experiment.

3NDLES5 is the solo project of Mitch Tolman, best known for his role as frontman of prolific Sydney punk band Low Life. A complete reinvention of any established preconceptions about Mitch, 'Polyester' showcases Tolman’s extensive efforts in creating what he can only describe as ‘club punk’. Over the past 18 months, he has spent his time collaborating with many musicians from different scenes within Sydney. He has dubbed this collective the 'Harbour City Ultras', an obvious allusion to his obsession with football. 

The release binds together elements of contemporary electronica and R&B to create a completely unique sound that is both sincere and infectious.

Polyester was co-written by WRX (Kerem 'Dizzy' Dadal of Orion and Oily Boys) and was mixed by local producer PG13.

3NDLES5’s debut record will be released in late 2017 on Burning Rose.