ANNOUNCEMENT! cold patrol - 'all war has ended'

 Image by Blair Gauld

Image by Blair Gauld

Cold Patrol is a new moniker for Sydney based musician William Canning. His first release, traverses noise, synth-work and piano composition. 'All War Has Ended' is a project geared towards soundtracking an idyllic future.

Through the use of field recordings, mechanical and industrious sounds, it paints a heady picture of peace. This is not to say the music itself is peaceful, or relaxed.

Each song capitulates to encompass humanity's own self-harming tendencies. The sound of gunshots and clamour along with whispered human voices lends to the release a brooding quality.

The project insinuates the notion of existential dread; fear for what the future holds. But the prettier moments shine, revealing a certain hope for what lies beyond all the world's conflict. We live in dark times, but the human spirit can't be forgotten.