For immediate release - 18/12/17

'Gang Signs For Outsiders' is the first long-form offering from Sydney producer George Michelle.

Following on from a year filled with fervent activity, 'Gang Signs For Outsiders' presents twelve pieces of scattering club music, informed by George's orbit around the frays of society. Written between the comfort of home and the sprawling city of Los Angeles, each track is laden with aching emotion. 

The album evolves in a way curiously in step with its namesake. Esoteric percussive numbers eventually spill over and give way to lush ambience, executed with a pointed reverence for an era of dance music that is now just behind us.

There are challenging songs on this album, which indicate a level of respect not often afforded to listeners in 2017. But for every challenge comes a reward. The second half of the album beckons feelings of affiliation, agency and belonging.

'Gang Signs For Outsiders' signals discovery in a way that demands attention. Mid-twenties anxiety is perfectly narrated, before being turned on its head and underscored by themes of newfound exploration.

The music contained here shines a light on collective growing pains, and offers stark reassurance when necessary. 

 Photograph by Romy Safiyah

Photograph by Romy Safiyah

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