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Following the release of the single, ‘Permanent Vacation’, Modern Heaven are back with their first EP - ‘Midnight Cowboy’.

Spawning from various iPhone demos, the songs were assembled over the course of the year in instrumentalist Jack Tosi’s spare room. This tiny space in the suburbs of North Melbourne somehow served as the impetus for five truly catchy songs.

Combining the misshapen pop sensibilities of the late 1980’s (think Kate Bush, Tori Amos & Debbie Harry) with hooks versatile enough to be at home on any dance-floor, Modern Heaven have forged a sound laden with murky appeal. Sarah Buckley’s pristine vocals give way to spoken word, whispers and feedback throughout the EP’s duration - Momentarily leaving familiarity behind.

Burning Rose is exceptionally proud to be working with Modern Heaven. All further press inquiries may be directed to 


Cover designed by Connor Bugelli

Cover designed by Connor Bugelli