ANNOUNCEMENT! Publique 'outlying self'

'Outlying Self' is the next single off Publique’s forthcoming debut record of the same name.

Publique are split between Sydney and Melbourne. Outlying Self follows the first single off the album, Axe Of Love.

After releasing their first two-track, Publique went their separate ways.. The most of us were in different countries, in the US, Europe and Japan, drawing new ideas from things happening in those places. 

Despite how diverse each members experiences was, when they came together and stepped back into the studio, putting a new record together seemed natural. It was written at different times, in different locations, but coming back to Sydney and all contributing to put it all together felt like the right thing to do.

The record evokes notions of European post-punk, in the vane of Killing Joke, Blitz, Christian Death and Diat, whilst giving a nod to krautrock and its contemporary derivatives.

Outlying Self will be a six-track record released in April 2017 on Burning Rose Records, a roster that also features Death Bells, Muscle Memory, Dormir and Jon Edifice.