ANNOUNCEMENT! Publique 'outlying self' EP


Following the intermittent release of singles over the past two years, Melbourne-based band Publique return with their debut EP 'Outlying Self’.

After a year of shows between Sydney and Melbourne, ‘Outlying Self’ sees the band work to solidify their position as stalwarts of the outsider in the Australian music scene.

Taking inspiration from seminal acts of the post-punk persuasion, Publique ultimately adopt a holistic approach to punk and its variations, by incorporating the melodic sentiments of nu-wave and abrasive crooning of death rock, à la The Psychedelic Furs meets Christian Death.

The six tracks on ‘Outlying Self’ exploit reciprocative conventions of love and loss by storytelling through a voyeur’s lens. With an articulation on lust, grievance and fantasy, the record works to show the introspection with one’s self and our numerous personalities.

Publique will perform ‘Outlying Self’ in its entirety this Saturday July 8 at the John Curtin Hotel, Melbourne.

‘Outlying Self’ is out today on Burning Rose Records.