For Immediate Release - 22/01/18

 Photograph by Traianos Pakioufakis.

Photograph by Traianos Pakioufakis.

Since the release of their ‘Outlying Self’ EP, Publique have focused their efforts to refine their process and output. The result is ‘Suppression/Silhouette’, a set of songs that are both intricate and intensely aggressive. From the first driving moments of the release the band demands attention, demonstrating a mature understanding of their unique brand of post-punk.

Written in Sydney and Melbourne, with members now based in both cities, the physical distance between the band is palpable on 'Suppression/Silhouette’. Publique have grown more agile, with relentless performances in late 2017 becoming the core of their writing process: a unit that produces results.

On ‘Suppression/Silhouette’ vocalist Connor Bugelli deals with anxiety and the pressures of society. Tension in the music heightens Bugelli’s image of a chaotic world that is inevitably isolating. These personal sensitivities are put on the line, and the product is as confronting as it is cathartic.

‘Suppression/Silhouette' is the first offering from the Publique in 2018, a year that will see the band continue to perform in Australia and abroad, as they gear up for their first full-length release in the coming months.