Death Bells - Standing At The Edge Of The World

 Photograph by Dakota Gordon

Photograph by Dakota Gordon

‘Standing At The Edge Of The World’ is the Australian band’s debut album,  available everywhere on

September 29th via Burning Rose / Funeral Party.

Please note: You have received a link to this press kit solely for advanced listening and review. These songs will not be out collectively until September 29th. Please use discretion when showing others, as we would appreciate a leak-free release.

 Cover photograph by Jarryd Lynagh

Cover photograph by Jarryd Lynagh

After three years of gestation, a self-titled EP, and an international tour, Death Bells have finally put forward their first full length offering. Vacillating between searing post-punk and morose pop, the music does away with theatrics, toying only at the fray of contemplative songwriting.

The band have come into their own over the last year, with the nostalgia so embedded in the music now washed over with the sheen of modern day production.

Lyrically, the album deals with the topics of human strength and self-preservation. The words voyeuristically interpolate hardship of all kinds with positivity. There are songs about loss, addiction, stagnation and giving up.

The term DIY is thrown around a lot in 2017, but Death Bells (and Burning Rose at large) is a completely self-sufficient union. 'Standing At The Edge Of The World' is a loud statement from a Sydney band with nothing to lose.

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